Civil Processing


Improve efficiency, timeliness and accuracy by streamlining processing of electronic data, paperwork and payments using Global Public Safety’s Tac.10 Civil Processing.

  • Global’s TAC.10 CIVIL features the ability to store data required by the courts such as identifying case numbers, dates, type of process, costs, payments
  • A wide variety of information on all parties is linked and will efficiently produce a variety of civil documents such as: the Process Server’s Worksheet, a Return of Service and a Billing Statement.
  • Civil has the capacity to handle judgment collection orders and related costs.
  • Civil can calculate interest, and generate garnishment, sale and other related forms.
  • Global’s TAC.10 Civil Processing system contains valuable bookkeeping related capabilities.
  • You can set fees with multipliers and create fee groups. The system can be integrated with QuickBooks to eliminate the need for duplicate data entry.
  • It provides full control over when disbursements and deposits are transferred to QuickBooks.
  • A robust search capability is included Civil Processing.
  • It includes many sortable fields such as case numbers, court numbers, involved parties, type of process and date received. Queries can be linked to the Master Name and Business Indexes.
  • Accounting and workflow reports are included in the program, with the ability to set custom criteria for each and add more as needed.