Records Management System (RMS)


Global Public Safety realizes that information is a critical link to safety and efficiency for public safety officers. That’s why our RMS system is configurable to each agency’s individual needs and allows for easy data extraction, filtering and sharing. Global Public Safety RMS harnesses the latest technology, giving you the power to control and tune the software to meet your agency’s workflow processes, protocol and procedures.

Tac.10 RMS Logo

TAC 10’s RMS user interface resembles Outlook, giving it a familiar feel.  So, instead of an officer logging into the system and running a cumbersome search to find their reports, our RMS will deliver them directly to the officer’s inbox – just like e-mail.

The RMS program can easily interface with software (ours or others), it readily adapts to new features and modules, and our non-proprietary data format allows you to easily retrieve records for use with other programs.

TAC 10’s RMS is mapped to Global Justice XML Data Model (GJXDM) and the National Information Exchange Module (NIEM), the standard industry languages that allow your agency to share data with other agencies, participate in new initiatives such as Court integration and automated disposition updates, and ultimately contribute to increased officer and public safety.

TAC 10 is considered by many in the public safety community to be the premier provider of NIBRS and UCR validation components.  TAC 10 provides a user-friendly validation process that specifically identifies errors in the appropriate report sections.

TAC 10’s forms technology allows your agency to create its own electronic forms or modify any existing forms.  And, because of our unique Forms Builder module, user defined fields are immediately searchable and can be used to create ad hoc reports.

TAC 10’s RMS implements a roles-based security system based on your agency’s organization chart. In addition, our security system provides encoded passwords and FIPS compliant data encryption to keep your records private.  You decide who should have access to what.

Public Safety

TAC 10’s RMS provides powerful tools to streamline the mission-critical data your agency needs. Whether it is DMV reports, case management, crime mapping, evidence tracking or one of our other modules, redundant data entry is eliminated by accessing and storing data in our powerful master indexes. Our RMS puts dynamic tools into the hands of your officers; all while allowing robust search capability and NIBRS/UCR compliant reporting.

Case File Management gives each Investigator an overview of assigned cases as well as work flow tools that allow cases to go through an approval process.

Easily enter and track citations with this easy to use tool that makes report-generation simple.

Gives your agency the ability to enter and track information on the State DMV Crash/Accident form including drawing the crash diagrams electronically and attaching them to the report.