Mobile Solution


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Global’s TAC.10 Mobile gives officers secure access to mission-critical information in real-time, improving officer and public safety.

Secure access to mission-critical information.

Officers need quick access to key information on the go. TAC 10’s Mobile keeps officers tightly synched with HQ so they always have the most up to date information while en route to the scene or out on patrol.

With access to all CAD, RMS, JMS, Investigations, Intelligence, Evidence, and Civil Process information.  Mobile also gives the ability to query and view photographs for visual identification.

All Mobile activity and dispatch information is automatically tracked, allowing an officer to easily generate a Daily Log.

Mobile gives officers more time on the streets by allowing in-car offense report and citation writing.

All data sent and received is secured using the highest level of encryption.

With cell tower reliability always an issue, there’s no need to worry about being out of touch with Mobile.  If a unit becomes disconnected or loses signal, Mobile continually attempts to reconnect behind the scenes – once a connection is re-established, the system automatically synchronizes itself with no action needed from the officer.

This allows supervisors to manage a list of previous calls for every officer to see when starting a new shirt, keeping each officer aware of important incidents that happened since the last time they were on duty.


Silence can be key to officer safety in dangerous situations. With Mobile Dispatch, all calls coming from dispatch are visible and can be accepted without the use of a radio. Up to date information about the call is automatically populated from RMS to give detailed information about the parties involved.

Alerts and warnings such as BOLO’s and Amber Alerts can be communicated system wide using our Real-Time alert feature, while silent communication via text messaging between cars leaves the radio open for high-priority calls.

Integrated with NCIC, Mobile Dispatch allows for quick look up of 10-27’s and 10-28’s, as well as access to the Master Name Index from RMS.  Frequently used queries and history can be stored for quick reference.


Mobile Mapping offers a complete set of user-friendly mapping functions to assist field officers, identify map features and search for locations, such as street labeling, map scale control, address finding, aerial photography, and image display.

TAC 10 is able to deliver the shortest route between the vehicle’s current position and the incident location where the unit is responding.  Turn-by-turn directions of the route can be displayed.  The route is dynamically re-calculated in response to either a change of vehicle position or a reassignment of the incident.

With proper wireless communications and security privilege, the user is able to see current positions of other units.  In addition, utilizing GPS location technology, TAC 10 is able to display location history of the surrounding area for the officer in real time.


Mobile Office allows officers to be where they need to be – out on the streets, not behind a desk. With complete integration to its parent modules, each of these components allows officers to work where they are needed most, while still allowing data and workflow to synchronize with HQ.