Investigative Case Management (ICM)

Investigative Case Management (ICM)

Rely on TAC 10’s ICM to pull all the pieces together with the power of Master Indices.

Pull it all together.

Stop shuffling through papers on your desk and stacking and restacking file boxes to find the case work you need. Pull everything together, group, track and log case file information with TAC 10’s Investigative Case Management. Use the power of Master Indices to cut down on redundant data entry and allow effective identification of cross-investigation relationships.

Rely on TAC 10’s Investigative Case Management module to pull all the pieces together. Data, evidence and digital media can be connected to one case file for quick access and cross-reference. All this organized information at your fingertips is a powerful tool for identifying relationships within a case as well as tying multiple cases together.

You’ve worked for months closing this case and now you want to see justice done in court. It’s up to you to pull together all of your paperwork, notes and files and submit them to the prosecutor to make an airtight case. There is no need to enter the same data over and over when it’s already in there. TAC 10 has a unique and easy to use Case Presentation system that packages everything you have put into the ICM and organizes it in a logical manner. Your agents can use a drag and drop interface to link data and create a comprehensive Electronic Investigative Report that is ready to be approved and forwarded for the next step in your justice system.

With the ability to share relevant data, one text or email can break the case wide open. The alerts and notifications module allows you to flag a name, address or vehicle and have a message sent to you any time this information is accessed in the database. This powerful tool means you can link seemingly unrelated cases, share evidence and save hours of search time trying to make a connection.

The Crime Scene Analysis module gives you drawing tools to lay out a crime scene for accurate data analysis. All information related to the scene can be stored and tracked in this module within the ICM. Organize and attach photos, video and any other media, keeping important details together while linking it to the overall case file.

TAC 10’s Investigative Case Management implements an extensive granular permissions layer, passwords and FIPS compliant data encryption to keep your files private. You decide who should have access to what.

Our ICM’s workflow tool allows for cases or tasks within cases to be electronically assigned within each case. Case reports can be electronically submitted to a supervisor for approval and sent back with edits/comments.

Each case file contains hyperlinks to the related person files, case notes, documents, data and multimedia files. View a snapshot of the case on one screen with one-click access to all relevant elements.

Rather than creating an independent case report and re-entering data, TAC 10’s ICM includes a powerful case presentation tool which allows for a formal case report to be created from within, encapsulating all relevant data into a cohesive case ready for the prosecuting attorney.