Evidence Management


Evidence Management• Quick Find • Bar Coding • Digital Signature

TAC 10’s Evidence solution for chain of custody compliant evidence management

Proper evidence management is crucial to effective law enforcement. That’s why we developed Evidence, a property tracking system using barcode technology to efficiently record the receipt, movement and disposal of evidence. Secure Tracking Evidence helps you document and classify evidence, monitor its movement and ensure proper chain-of custody documentation. Simply print off barcode labels, tag the item and then enter the pertinent information. The barcodes will help you track the item and leave a secure audit trail.

Need to find an item quickly? Don’t run out and check a shelf. Use the Evidence quick find screen to search by Evidence Number, Description, Category, plus other key fields and you’ll find dates, times, movement of evidence and even background information on any labs that analyzed the item. Evidence can be linked to property on our Incident Report or Arrest Report, which gives you even more information about associated suspects, incidents, and arrests.

Use handheld barcode scanning hardware to quickly and efficiently find an existing evidence item by simply scanning a barcode label. You can scan a barcode from anywhere in our program and it will pull up the proper record for evidence, equipment management, jail property or anywhere else you use barcoding. This eliminates the inaccuracy of hand typing long and complicated evidence numbers into the system.

In Evidence you can capture a digital signature of the officer or owner that is being given possession of the evidence and our system will automatically generate the chain-of-custody on that evidence item. Property to Evidence Wizard Property items recorded in an Incident report can quickly be converted to Evidence using our Wizard. This wizard will allow the user to select groups of property that are being assigned to the same person and locker location and will automatically create the chain of custody entry, saving both your officer and the evidence custodian value time and improved accuracy of data transfer.

To close out an evidence item, simply enter the disposition date for the evidence. You’ll be able to note such things as whether you incinerated narcotics or auctioned off property.