NIBRS State Repository

NIBRS State Repository

Flexible• Configurable • NIBRS Compliant • State & Federal Partnership

TAC 10 can provide the flexible, configurable and state-of-the-art solution needed to achieve your NIBRS compliance objectives.

Global has kept a State/Federal connection at the forefront of our product offerings. This experience is invaluable in obtaining FBI certifications across multiple states.

Our software includes all data elements from the Federal NIBRS Collection Guidelines. Our NIBRS Error Checking module is compliant with the Federal NIBRS Error Message Manual and our data input is implemented according to each state’s guidelines.

Our data extraction module uses the Federal NIBRS Data Submission Specifications. We work hard to stay current with NIBRS issues. We have regular contact with several state agencies and the FBI database management team who are involved with building and maintaining the national repository. As a result, we are recognized nationally as NIBRS experts.

With the lowest NIBRS error rate of any commercial vendor, Global’s TAC.10 Solutions can be counted on to tackle your most difficult challenges reliability and affordably.

Our NIBRS solution is designed to integrate seamlessly into the State’s infrastructure.

Built with an open architecture, our system integrates and supports standard industry tools.

• Securely accessible through a web browser.
• Equipped for single entry and Batch File Upload of data.
• Structured for dual error checking at both the State and Federal level.
• Based upon modular components providing value and reliability.
• Configurable to meet the unique needs of the State.
• Easy to learn and use while offering powerful data processing tools.